Mediation Services

When couples divorce and have minor children, parents hope to continue to share the responsibility of co-parenting.  There are many ways to do that and they are memorialized in the Parenting Plan, which becomes part of the Divorce Contract. The Parenting Plan, as I prepare it, addresses the non-financial aspects of co-parenting which  keeps the children and financial issues separate so parents can focus on what’s really best for their children. It’s important to consider the age and personality of the children as well as their relationship with each parent in order to provide continuity. Being a child and adolescent therapist, I have specific expertise in children’s developmental phases and how they relate to the divorce situation which  informs parents as they make arrangements for how the family will function in two homes. The Parenting Plan, written up according to parent’s wishes, is a useful reference for  post divorce  confusion or disagreements and can be revisited, as needed, as children mature  and situations change.