Long Distance Grandparenting

Fortunately, technology now offers an opportunity to be more a part of the lives of your grandchildren as well as having some positive influence.  Various modes of communication make it possible to keep those relationships fresh, fun and frequent.

With young children, you can talk, sing, read short books and show them age appropriate  items of interest with zoom, face time or videos, a treat for you both and maybe a little “time off’ for parents.   Doing so on a consistent basis sets the stage for future ‘visits’ and something to anticipate, further solidifying the connection.  As your grandchildren age, ask about their activities – school events, and tell them some of yours.  You can both read the same book and talk about it.  If you travel, send them a tee shirt, brochure or other souvenirs with descriptions of the area and your memories.  In addition to your lovely vacation and nice memories, you broaden their horizons.

As your grandchildren grow, playing games varies with their interests and skills.  “Toy Theater” has a wide choice of fun educational games to be played on two computers.  It’s learning for the young and a good reflex experience for seniors.  If your grandchildren are age seven or older, they will likely know about a number of sites for computer play and be happy to display their skills.

With maturity and a solid relational foundation, your grandchildren will be more likely to include you in their news and lives. Being lovingly understanding, consistent and flexible offers a safe haven when they are presented with awkward or difficult situations.  In addition to learning new relationship skills, they  appreciate what a gift grandparents are!