Parenting for Emergencies

Parenting is wonderful but not always easy.  During emergency situations, it can be a disaster.  Hurricanes, blackouts, accidents and other snafus can lead to secondary emotional blows for children, especially if they live in two households.  Even more so, if the division of the original household was very difficult.  Having a clear, concise and shared solution will benefit all in a time of need and diffuse any need to worry before.

  •  Consider it insurance.
  • It’s your parenting time …something happens…you aren’t available.
  • Create a backup communication plan for your parenting time with your former partner.
  • Give it to the other parent and/or another responsible adult who could take over.
  • The plan needs to be clear, concise and cover all of your children.
  • When you are calm and think clearly, you will make better decisions than on the spur of the moment and in the middle of a dilemma.
  • Try to agree on two trusted adults if neither of you are available.
  • Share, and update, the plan with all adults involved.

Hopefully you will never need to use it but you should feel peace and pride in managing that ‘insurance plan’.