Divorce: Books for Children

“Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids”, Isolina Ricci, 2006

“Dinosaur’s Divorce”- Lawrence Brown and Marc Brown, 1986

“Let’s Talk About Divorce” – Fred Rogers, 1996

“The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce” – Dr. Richard Gardner, 1977

“Two Homes To Live In” – Barbara Shook Hazen, 1978

“Divorce Happens To The Nicest Kids” – Michael  S. Prokup, 1996

“ When Your Parents Split Up…How To Keep Yourself Together” – Alys Swan-Jackson, 1998

“Was It The Chocolate Pudding?” – Sandra Levins, 2005

“When Emily Woke Up Angry” – R. Duncan, 1989

“My Mother’s House, My Father’s House”, – C.B.Christiansen, 1989

“Always, Always” –  C. Dragonwagon, 1984

“Blue Sky, Butterfly” – J .Van Lewen,  1996

“When Mom and Dad Divorced” – Julian Messner,  1986

“On Divorce, An Open Family Book for Parents and Kids Together” –  S.B. Stein,  1979

“My Life Turned Upside Down, But I Turned It Rightside Up” – Mary Blitzer Field, Henny Shore  1994

“When Divorce Happens” – Kimberly Pressley-Herrick

“Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?” – Carol Gordon Ekster  2008