When Your Relationship Ends…Part V – Acceptance

When Your Relationship Ends….Part 5 – Acceptance

 The relationship is over and you are really done, emotionally. There are twinges here and there but move beyond.  Old patterns may crop up but you recognize them and alter your urges and responses. Memories don’t need to be completely erased. You don’t need to dwell in the past and are beginning to have plans and goals.  Memories don’t need to be completely erased, especially for your children, as you are able to value aspects of your past. Now that you are comfortable and proud of yourself, don’t be afraid to be open to a new relationship but don’t seek perfection – just a good “fit” with great communication and mutual acceptance.


 Your independence makes you a solid role model. It is important for children to be independent, from parents, before they make a successful, significant love connection, not because of need but from desire.  Each child is different and will have his/her own needs, path and time schedule to heal and flourish.   Offer some family pictures from the past in their rooms to acknowledge and appreciate their cherished memories .

 Your Task:

  1. I am pleased with my progress and myself.
  2. I nourish myself physically and mentally.
  3. I am proud of my part in our co-parenting relationship.
  4. I am ready to pursue new avenues in life and new people.
  5. I am able to express my feelings.
  6. I let go, emotionally, of my partner/spouse and former life.
  7. I released my guilt and anger toward him/her.
  8. I know I can stand alone, if necessary, but am open to new things and people.