Recipe For A Good Divorce

     Divorce is not easy  but if you prepare it together,                                                       and follow the directions below, you can be proud to serve it up.


  1. Two partners who know they can’t to stay together
  2. Be ready for a pinch of heartache and eventual happiness
  3. Liberal measures of honesty and trust
  4. Strive to dissolve the relationship/marriage respectfully
  5. Share pertinent information and really listen to each other
  6. A sense of where s/he wants to be in 5 years
  7. Willingness to negotiate conflicts with thinking, not feeling
  8. Develop the ability to forgive, necessary in all recipes
  9. Agree on cooperative co-parenting, if there are children

recipe for a good divorce








Chill the first ingredient. It must not get overheated !  Sift the next four ingredients, then add to the first, and stir, tolerantly.  Blend the next three ingredients and blend into the first batch. Be patient and let it rise.  It is ready to be baked at a low, steady temperature with understanding and empathy. Give it ample time  to cool and then feel good about your efforts and results.  If you have the last ingredient [children], that is icing on the cake.  Be sure the icing is cool enough.   Stir, gently and smooth on the your finished  product.  Beautiful.  Take a picture and feel proud of your collaborative creation.

Note: These good and healthy ingredients allow for errors, especially if you add liberal amounts of #8.