Mothers and Mothering

depressed child

With Mother’s Day on the horizon have you thought about your mother? What was she like when you were growing up?

* What was her parenting style… strict, laissez-faire?                                                        * What did you like to do with her?                                                                                    *  Did you confide in her?                                                                                                    *  How did she discipline?                                                                                                    *  What are your favorite memories?                                                                                   * How was she, in your eyes, with your father?                                                                   *  How will you honor her?                                                                                                *   Are you a mother?                                                                                                         *  How would your child[ren[ describe you?                                                                      *  Do you say/do things you swore you wouldn’t – because your mother did ?                *   How do you think your child[ren] will quote you?                                                          *   What memories would you hope they have?                                                                *    Do you see your mother differently now that you are one?                                         *   Do you consciously emulate her ?                                                                                *  Do you appreciate how hard – and joyful -it is to mother?

We are all our mothers, to some degree.  We are all human.  Let your mother know how much you appreciate her now that you know what a struggle it is and also how wonderful…to be a mother.