When Your Relationship Ends…Part V – Acceptance

When Your Relationship Ends….Part 5 – Acceptance

The relationship is over and you are really done emotionally. There may be twinges here and there but you move beyond.  Memories don’t need to be completely erased as you value your past, have explored it and used it to generate a better future for yourself.   .   If you have children, you are able to communicate with your past partner/spouse for the betterment of your offspring.  Being in his/her company no longer intimidates or upsets you. Hopefully you both value aspects of your time together and respect each other.  If not you can get past that too.

You are able tor envision a future  and  are  beginning to implement it  by having assessed and dealt with the  ‘leftovers’ and put them behind you.   You are self-confident and being more of who you aspired to  – or – new aspirations emanating form that growth. and awareness.  You feel and you are able to trust and love again.


Your comfort with being single is a lesson for your children. Your independence  makes you a solid role model. It is important for children to be independent, from parents, before they make a successful, significant love connection, not because of need but from desire. Do have some family pictures from the past, in their rooms. They will appreciate that you won’t delete their cherished memories.

 Your Task:

  1. I let go, emotionally, of my partner/spouse and former life.
  2. I released my guilt and anger toward him/her.
  3. I am pleased with my progress and myself.
  4. I nourish myself physically and mentally.
  5. I am proud of my part in our co-parenting relationship.
  6. I am ready to pursue new avenues in life and new people.
  7. I know I can stand alone, if necessary but am open to new things and people.