Divorce is most often a  painful and complicated experience.  When there are children,  the responsibility of co-parenting  can be challenging , if not destructive, when couples  aren’t able to work well together.  The co-parenting relationship is the most critical factor in determining how children will fare during and after divorce. Educating parents about the divorced family and guiding them in mediating  their differences helps to heal the wounds of a difficult divorce.  Parents usually struggle with issues of schedules, transfers of children,  making important decisions together, etc.  If parents can’t get past their negative feelings about each other enough to co-parent,  a  Judge may assign them a Parenting Coordinator or a couple may choose to engage a Parenting Coordinator on their own.   As a Parenting Coordinator, I teach divorcing and divorced couples  the tools to learning how to work together so their children can thrive.    I  laud their efforts as learning to parent together, apart.  When that happens, everyone in the family benefits.